Questions to the experts

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Mon Aug 11 06:10:00 CEST 2003

* Steve Gehlbach <steve at> [030811 05:53]:
> >>3) I read an article on Linux where in the serial section they
> >>indicate: "Linux supports ordinary telephone modems only if they work
> >>through a serial port (although the port may be built into the modem).
> >>Is this true? if it is true and someone wants to modem in then it must
> >>be done serially?
> >
> >no, stop reading the rag that wrote that, they are wrong.
> Maybe they were talking about Winmodem cards, I think these are a 
> problem on Linux.

Many Laptops have these and most of them work fine nowadays. Since most
available drivers are not included in the kernel source itself, it needs
some extra fiddling around, but it's certainly doable.


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