Preliminary doubts

John Praveen ijpraveen1 at
Sun Aug 10 02:17:01 CEST 2003

                 I have the custom board (geode
sc1200) with some external peripherals.  I will have
to have my BIOS program, linux kernel and specific
application program in my Flash memory. I have hard
disk only for storing files.
                  My Flash memory is of 32 Mbits and
SDRAM 32MBytes. 
                  I want to use LinuxBios. I build it
for nano mainboard. But still I have many doubts. In
normal BIOS, we will say the bios program to load the
bootloader from hard disk into location 0000:7C00. 
                 What part of the program in Linuxbios
will bring my linux kernel image from Flash into
                 Is any options or something to be
included in the configuration file to say to boot from
Flash memory?
                 In my embedded device the Flash
memory is mapped to physical address 00000h to
3FFFFFh. So at what location should i place the
linuxbios romimage and linux kernel image in my Flash
                Where shall my application program be
placed in Flash? I hope I should have a filesystem. Is
the MTD meant for the filesystem?
Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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