Datasheets for EPIA-M10000

Dave Ashley linuxbios at
Fri Aug 8 22:11:01 CEST 2003

>Can anyone help with info on VIA CLE266, VT8235, VT6103, VT1616, VT1662, VT6307S, anything would be appreciated .... or have people just used the linux kernel source for their information???

VIA doesn't give out datasheets easily, for the most part they are available
only under NDA, probably so they don't have to be fighting the US patent
insanity all the time. Look at, more information is there,
and try to convince VIA reps you're a serious developer.

Contrast that with this page:

Anyone can anonymously download the geode SC1200 datasheet without any
hassle at all, and the doc is accurate and complete. Sometimes VIA's
datasheets raise more questions than they answer...


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