Slowly merging the static and dynamic device trees.

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Fri Aug 8 15:45:01 CEST 2003

So at first glance the static device tree seems to be pretty
usable so now I am investigating what needs to happen to merge
the device trees.

There is one large area of mismatch though that I don't know 
if I want to do something about or not.  Currently the static
device tree is by chip.  And the dynamic tree is by logical device.

Where this becomes challenging is on chips like the 8131 or the 8111
which have multiple busses hanging off of them.  Or even for the
simple amdk8 processor which has 3 HT links hanging off of it.  And I
don't want to mix the children of various busses.

For the arima/hdama my static device tree currently like:

cpu k8 "cpu0" 
	register "up" = "{.chip = &amd8131, .ht_width=16, .ht_speed=600}"
	southbridge amd/amd8131 "amd8131"
	southbridge amd/amd8111 "amd8111"
		superio NSC/pc87360
			register "com1" = "{1}"
			register "lpt" = "{1}"

cpu k8 "cpu1" 

Now that I have something to start with I am busily brainstorming how
to glue all this together and make it work.

The new configuration tool seems to be doing a good job so far.


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