Kernel in smaller ROMs, salvation in sight?

Joshua Wise joshua at
Thu Aug 7 00:31:01 CEST 2003

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> up until about 2.4.13, putting a kernel, small initrd, and linuxbios in
> 512KB was not that hard. Then it just balloned.

Ouch. Was there specific bloat that happened after 2.4.13? After doing a 
preliminary look over the kernel code, much of the bloat seems to be in the 
filesystem code...

BTW, if you guys don't have serial console stuff yet (IIRC last I checked, 
there was no CLI for linuxbios - things may have changed since then, I've 
been rather out of the loop recently), we're working on extensible CLI stuff 
for ARM Linux As Bootloader that would probably be portable to LinuxBIOS.

/me wishes that the flash block that we put the bootloader in was bigger :(

~jw, who is very sleepy after having spent the previous night hacking till 
0330, and hence probably won't respond to any more email tonight.

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