Adam Sulmicki adam at
Wed Apr 30 20:27:01 CEST 2003

> > What's is this gfx card?
> Asiliant (used to be C&T) 69000.
> > overall BOCHS BIOS should find the binary only vga bios in memory and try
> > to initalize it.
> Should there be any serial debug output?  I don't see any thing that
> relates to video bios init.

nope. it is binary only vga bios. we have no control over it. it is why I
don't like this solution. It is bit of black magic to get it to work.

Did you try to boot with normal pc bios and then warm-boot into
linuxbios/adlo? see if it helps. It might give you some tips.

> > there may be some stuff in linuxbios to enable too. not sure.
> Heres what came out the serial port:
> Bochs BIOS, 1 cpu, $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/11/25 02:07:53 $
> [COMPILE DATE:Apr 30 2003 TIME:16:50:43]
> ata0 master: PCHS=246/2/32 translation=lba LCHS=15/16/63
> ata0 master: Hitachi CV 7.1.1 ATA-0 Hard-Disk (7 MBytes)
> Booting from Hard Disk...
>   rombios.c,v 1.1 2002/11/25 02:07:53 rminnich Exp $
> FATAL: Keyboard RESET error:993
> FATAL: Keyboard RESET error:31
> FATAL: Keyboard RESET error:994
> FATAL: Keyboard RESET error:995
> FATAL: Keyboard RESET error:996
> KBD: int09h_handler(): unknown scancode read!

umm are keyboard and mice connected? if no, I would connect them.

umm what's at /dev/hda did you put there linuxbios or something?

overall BOCHS BIOS will try to read MBR from /dev/hda and boot it. I would
put there lilo and configure it for serial console. Then u should be able
ot se if it reads MBR correctly and boot lilo.

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