Adam Sulmicki adam at
Wed Apr 30 20:14:46 CEST 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Richard Smith wrote:

> Ok.  that fixed it.. ADLO is booting for me.


> For the list:
> I had to enable read and write in the shadow memory.  I don't think you
> had to but I enabled the full range from 0c0000 to 0ffffff

FWIW, need for doing this mentioned in the "HACKING" file.

> Adam:
> I added a macro that does a PCI config space write.  Saves you from
> haveing to do all the calulations.
> Would you like a diff?

sure. can you send it to me and list so that it gets archived.

Though, as I said in the long term we probalby want to have this sort of
stuff done in the LinuxBIOS rather than ADLO so that it can stay (err
become :-) architecture independent.

> It doesn't appear however that my video bios is getting called.  I
> rememember seeing somewhere that I have to enable that?

I guess it is differnet for each case. Not sure what's it like in your
particular case.

What's is this gfx card?

overall BOCHS BIOS should find the binary only vga bios in memory and try
to initalize it.

there may be some stuff in linuxbios to enable too. not sure.

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