Fw: Another way of using ADLO

Adam Sulmicki adam at cfar.umd.edu
Tue Apr 29 06:58:00 CEST 2003

> > Perhaps I missed something in your email.. But if you've loaded ADLO +
> > Bochs BIOS then you have Int13 support. Why not run Grub from the flash
> > disk then instead of etherboot+AA? Is it because of the speed?

> yes. I have try several time. using the ADLO with Int13 support. when I
> using the LILO & Grub , I works with
> the IBM harddisk. but when I use the Flash IDE disk. always give me  LI 01
> 01 01 ... with LILO. or with Grub, too slow.
> but with the etherboot+AA . it sounds great!. :-)

what exactly are you booting using AA patch? it seems to me that using his
patch you simply by pass either lilo or grub.

as for lilo, it seems to me that your problem is that you install lilo
using different system than you boot from so disk geometry changes and
thus the "LI" error.

as for grub. well it is weird. are you getting any errors? it seems to me
like bochs bios would need fixing.

btw: I assume you are using 16 bit PC BIOS modules from etherboot rather
than 32 bit EBI modules from said package, right? Interesting. Opens lots
of new possibilities.

Adam Sulmicki
http://www.eax.com 	The Supreme Headquarters of the 32 bit registers

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