errors compiling the vga bios stuff

Richard Smith rsmith at
Mon Apr 28 19:24:01 CEST 2003

Richard Smith wrote:

I'm trying to compile in the realmode vga bios stuff and I'm getting an 
undefined reference to 'pcibios' in function 'biosinit'

So far the only place I've found the body of function pcibios is in the 
src/bioscall/pcibios.c file.  That file is not included in my make file. 
  I assume that CONFIG_PCIBIOS=1 would control the inclusion of this 
file but I can't find any rule in the Makefile that would include this 
file even though the options is set.

Do I have to somehow manually include this file?

Also if I set VIDEO_CONSOLE=1 I get a undefined ref to 'beep' in 
function 'video_tx_byte' but I haven't done much digging on that.

I'm out of the office tomorrow so it will be Wed before I can respond to 
any questions.

Thanks in advance

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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