Using ADLO with Linuxbios

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Mon Apr 28 15:12:00 CEST 2003

Deepak Kotian wrote:
> I tried this a similar command on a Compact flash IDE after partioning.
> Say.
>>dd if=elfImage of=/dev/hdc1 bs=4096 seek=1

What Ron used was /dev/hdc, ie, the drive from the beginning, not 
partition 1.  The 4096 and seek=1 skips over the partition table and 
puts the image into the last part of the MBR/partition table area 
overlapping into partition 1.  It's equivalent to seeking 8 sectors from 
the beginning when viewing the disk as linear sector addressing.

I wouldn't do this sort of thing on any drive you care about, easy to 
make typos and wipe out the disk (or another disk if your fingers type 
/dev/hda when your brain says hdc).


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