Using ADLO with Linuxbios

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Mon Apr 28 11:00:01 CEST 2003

Shubhangi Jadhav wrote:
> I give the following options in my config file
> 	option BOOT_IDE=1
> 	option IDE_BOOT_DRIVE=2
> 	option ONE_TRACK=32
> 	commandline root=/dev/hda2 console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty0
> 	option USE_ELF_BOOT=1
> Is this correct if I want Linuxbios to directly boot the elfimage?
> However when I try to build linuxbios using these options I get an error-
> file linux.bin not found. Now why does it look for this file.
> 	Do I need to specify some payload in the config file. what payload is it?

I believe you will see this error if you do not set "linux 
/usr/src/linux" or where ever your linux kernel source tree is.  Put 
this in, and I think this error will go away.

But I should mention that I have never gotten this to boot with 
USE_ELF_BOOT=1, though I am told it should.  It has only worked for me 
using vmlinux.gin.gz, ie, direct loading a non-elf image.


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