etherboot dosen't find my elfkernel

Richard Smith rsmith at
Mon Apr 28 10:56:01 CEST 2003

Eric W. Biederman wrote:

>>PCMCIA mount?

>>Etherboot wont look at pcmcia devices. If its going to find a compact
>>flash card, it will be because there's a compact flash on IDE adapter.
>>Then it will see it as a hard disk.
> You may have a point.  Richard how many IDE disks do you have?

Slight miscommunication there.  The CF is pcmcia mounted on my 
_developement_ system.  I was just trying to clarify why my disk mount 
was /dev/hde for the 'cat >' rather than hda.  Looks like I just 
confused things further. :(

On my _target_ device the CF is a connector on the PCB.  Its hda and the 
only IDE device I have.

> I still favor the partition is to late on the disk theory but, not checking
> the CF works as well.
> For a pure test case it is possible to just dd the ELF image onto the start
> of the disk.  If you don't need partitions.  That is the way Ron is currently
> using the code.

Thanks I'll give that a try.  I also see just where fdisk put the 1st 

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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