Bios flashing continued

Nathanael Noblet nathanael at
Mon Apr 28 10:40:01 CEST 2003

Hello again,
	I'm at the point trying to figure out how to get linuxbios flashed 
onto the flash chip. The board I have is a sis530. The flash_on program 
just tells me it can't access the sis 950 and ./flash_rom gives me a 
bunch of messages of what it is trying to find. I'm guessing because 
flash_on didn't work. I've built a kernel with all the chips set as 
modules and preloaded all the modules. Ron told me that the 550 could 
be flashed and this is probably not much different, which still may be 
the case but well... at the moment it doesn't. So I'm wondering, what 
is the method I would use to go about finding how to enable the flash 
so that I can burn it. The flash_on is trying to get the sis 950 which 
was the superio chip used on most of those board. My board is the ITE 
8661F. pointers on where to proceed would be appreciated.

Nathanael Noblet
Gnat Solutions
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Calgary, AB
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