Using ADLO with Linuxbios

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Subject: Using ADLO with Linuxbios

> Hi,
> I have 512k bios, so the kernel should be put somewhere on the harddisk.
> Hence I'm using ADLO with Linuxbios. However I'm not able to get linuxbios
> working.
> I followed these steps :
> Build the ADLO payload as per the instructions in the readme for ADLO.
> Appended the following entry to the config file :
why set it to 0? ADLO+BOCHS+VIDEOBIOS will be a ELF program.
so you can put the ADLO to the anywhere, such as rom/harddisk/tftp server/
first, you can test the LinuxBIOS , make sure that it can run on your mb
Also make sure that the linuxbios can load the ELF kernel correctly.
and next you can replace the linux ELF kernel with the ADLO, patch the
rombios.c with
the serial patch. and try the next test.
BTW: what is your mb's type? sis630,or else?
> payload /home/shubhangi/freebios/util/ADLO/payload
> Build the romimage using this config file.
> Is this the correct way to use ADLO? Thanks for any help.
> Regards,
> Shubhangi
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