Delay in copying Linuxbios to ram

Deepak Kotian dkotian3 at
Thu Apr 24 13:44:00 CEST 2003

3-4 seconds looks a long time, should uncompression of few 100 KBbytes
take that long.
Also, could someone please elaborate the signifigance of biosbase set with
this reference.


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> Shubhangi Jadhav wrote:
> > While trying to boot using linuxbios , I get a message " Copying
> > to ram " and then the system pauses for 3-4 secs, before printing the
> > message - "Jumping to Linuxbios"
> > Could someone tell me what causes this delay, does the process of
> > uncompressing and copying linuxbios to RAM take this long?
> > Any suggestions on how to reduce this delay?
> Sounds like the decompression time.  Try disabling compression (option
> CONFIG_COMPRESS=0) and see if it speeds up.  What is biosbase set to
> (default is 0xf0000)?  It might be caching is not set for the region of
> your flash, since it is executing from flash at this point.
> -Steve
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