Linuxbios + Etherboot + tagged Kernel Image

Yap Ee Huey yapeehuey at
Thu Apr 24 08:08:01 CEST 2003

Hi hackers :

I am a little bit confused here after building linuxbios,
etherboot and making a tagged kernel image with mknbi.
Hopefully I can get some help here :

I have made ide_disk.elf, (22k)
I tag bzImage with mknbi-linux, (888k)
I have built linuxbios.rom (64k)

I have 256k bios, so the kernel should be put somewhere on
my harddisk. If i am not wrong my ide_disk.elf should be
placed at the first sector of my bios rom.

My question is: where should I put my Kernel Image and
linuxbios.rom so that ide_disk.elf will know where to get
and load them ?

Do I need to modify the -DDEFAULT_BOOTFILE option which
defaulted to tftp:///tftpboot/kernel ?

Thanks a lot !

best regards,

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