Status freebios2

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Tue Apr 22 14:55:00 CEST 2003

There is now a port that builds in the freebios2 tree.
Currently it includes the latest romcc code.

The build will now fail if you don't include exactly one stream driver
to load your kernel.

Drivers for the console code are now have an ELF section they are selected

Cpu configuration still has to be rethought. The current mess where
there are multiple CPUs selected is just wrong.  I think sharing
parts between cpus is pretty much the same as sharing parts between
motherboards as far as solutions.  This still needs to be looked at.

In addition I need to see how to fit cpu configuration into the
the generic pci setup code.  There need to be hooks to enumerate
cpus just like everything else.

The only board in the tree so far is the amd solo.  A prototype
Athlon64 board.  Enumerating a Hypertransport chain is a different
problem from Enumerating a pci bus so that code still needs to be written.

And to make it fun the HT chain needs to be setup before we can talk to
the smbus controller on the 8111.

Anyway this is starting point for a clean interface.  The code is still
in flux and but this is a snapshot so you can get the feel of it.  And
so work on the solo port can be coordinated.

Romcc needs to mature more.  There is a bug in constant propagation which
keeps some C files from compiling.  And romcc cannot handle setting
manipulating mtrrs.  So there are pieces that are still done in
assembly.  But it is a start. 


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