About 82810e north bridge

Deepak Kotian dkotian3 at vsnl.net
Mon Apr 21 13:59:00 CEST 2003

    There seems to be  two devices in Intel 82810e north bridge, one is Memory controller
    Hub and other is Graphical controller HUB.
    Is it OK to just do the initialization for Memory controller HUB
    and forget about Graphical controller HUB.

   Also, I saw 82815ep on linuxbios tree, which has support for 
    MCH only and no AGP. This is very much similar to 82810e with
    some address changed.

    What would happen if I support MCH for 82810e , will LinuxBIOS
    still come up. Could someone please give an opinon on this.

Thanks and Regards

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