Booting other OS from Linux

Jose M. Rus jmrus at
Mon Apr 21 02:04:00 CEST 2003


I'm working on a project that could be viewed as an extended boot 
loader. Lilo and Grub
are fine boot loaders, but a Linux application can do a lot more things, 
like restoring
image partitions for example. For this I need to shutdown Linux cleanly 
and start another
OS (partition) instantly without the BIOS ever knowing it, but I'm not 
looking to replace
the BIOS code like you do, I left to the user the choice of using her 
motherboard BIOS
code of your own Linuxbios code before the first boot.

"kexec" and "Two kernel Monte" can load another linux kernels, I need to 
boot Linux,
windows and others OSes from Linux. Maybe you have already done what I'm 
looking for or
you have worked on part of it, so I like to hear your advice.


Jose M. Rus

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