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Supermon was developed for clustering, but really is fairly general
purpose (I'm looking into using it on a variety of servers).

It consists of a few parts. Supermon itself and mon are daemons. mon
gathers data from the kernel and passes it up to supermon. supermon simply
aggregates the data and serves it to various clients.

The other two parts are supermon_proc and a sensor module. The sensor
module just presents the sensor data in /proc/sys/supermon_sensors in the
form of an S expression (a Lisp like expression, easily parsable and human
readable as well).


On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, Alexander Amelkin wrote:

> Hello steven,
> Saturday, April 19, 2003, 4:20:32 PM, you wrote:
> sj> Greetings,
> sj> The sensors in the sis950 (superio) have to be turned on. Apparently, the
> sj> AMIBIOS does that, so lm_sensors doesn't try to initialize it. The
> sj> standalone supermon driver I wrote for that does the initialization
> sj> itself.
> Supermon is described as 'high-speed cluster monitoring' thing. What
> if I don't run any clusters? Just a standalone embedded device? The
> word 'cluster' scares me a little. :) Is supermon small enough to fit
> in my 16Mb Linux configuration instead of lm_sensors? I think I don't
> need anything 'high-speed'. I just want to check temperature, fan and
> voltage parameters from time to time.
> With best regards,
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