Via Epia 5000 research.

Sean Dembrosky seandembrosky at
Fri Apr 18 22:09:26 CEST 2003

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I have only recently begun researching Linux and BIOS modifications, and 
your group is doing exactly what I would love to be involved with and 
researching myself, but my interests are on the other end of the spectrum - 
flex/mini ATX formfactors for specific, small uses (router, DVD player, MP3 
player, etc., all loading from a modded BIOS that loads the OS via TFTP/NFS, 
all diskless)  I believe some flavor of your LinuxBIOS could be paired 
wonderfully with the via EPIA line of mainboards, specifically with the 5000 

Do you have plans to research implementing your genius on this mainboard?  
If so, how can I help!  If not, do you have any suggestions or ideas of 
where I should go in order to research my own experimentations?

And good luck with this amazing idea, I feel quite confident that you will 
have tremendous success with this, and you deserve it for all the hard work 
it must have taken!

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