Stable storage of BIOS parameters...

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Apr 17 11:00:01 CEST 2003

Currently I have implemented code to store BIOS
options in the cmos, and the layout of the options is
reported by the LinuxBIOS table.

Going forward there are going to be options that
we cannot store in the cmos.  Either because of size
or because of unreliability of the cmos. 

I think I want to setup a small jffs2 filesystem in the rom 
chip, for maintaining and manipulating those options.  The concern
I have is that this sucks up a lot of flash blocks (at least two),
because of the size of the information.

The one piece of information I do not feel comfortable storing
there is the cmos boot count and normal/failsafe settings.  Because
LinuxBIOS must set those and _reliably_ writing to a flash chip
appears to be a non-trivial exercise.

By using jffs2 other people can manipulate the stable store as well.
My big question is how should I encode the options that LinuxBIOS

This is a piece I have not implemented yet, but that looks
increasing useful especially as a store of various bits of persistent
data.  Especially when things like cryptographic keys get involved.


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