1.1 development release targets.

Steve Gehlbach steve at nexpath.com
Wed Apr 16 23:20:01 CEST 2003

>>Does linuxbios in the current version support elfboot images from ide/floppy
>>(directly, without etherboot)?  I guess if it does I don't see it.
> Yes.  The switch on the ``rom loader'' is the same on code, for
> either the elf loader or the other one.

Thanks, I guess I never tried it since I needed to fiddle with the zero 
page parameters.

>>One issue I have with elfboot images is the inability to dynamically pass
>>parameters to the zero page (specifically the vga cursor location). I understand
>>the idea of not locking the boot mechanism into the bios, but there are pros and
> As ron mentioned putting enough information in the LinuxBIOS table so
> the code in mkelfImage can properly position the vga cursor location is
> straight forward.

I don't understand.  Which linuxbios table are you referring to?  Is 
this a proposal or currently implemented?


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