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intel/Clearwater533 will be quite similar. Note that the e7501 code has
reported problems with 533MHz CPUs. It looks like there are just a few
registers in the northbridge that will need to be tweaked. I need to get a
pair of CPUs to fix that unless someone beats me to it (patches greatfully
accepted :-)


On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, ron minnich wrote:

> On 10 Apr 2003, Denis Pilon wrote:
> > I am trying to get linuxbios working on a Supermicro X5DPE-G2.  
> do an lspci and find a very similar motherboard. Then make a 
> src/mainboard/supermicro/x5dpe-g2 directory and populate it with files 
> from the similar board.  The modify to suit. 
> ron
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