Burning BIOS on FLASH ROMS, is the kernel also needs to burnt on it

Adam Sulmicki adam at cfar.umd.edu
Fri Apr 11 00:45:01 CEST 2003

> 	I have read the ADLO install and README files, I know a lot from
> the files. But I have some questions. If I use Linuxbios + ADLO, which
> options should be set? Should the ouput payout replace the linuxkernel?

you configure it whatever way you want to use it.

aldo+bochs bios are an ELF image.

so if you want both in one chip, then it just LinuxBIOS with (ADLO+BOCHS)
elf image after it. just like you would have etherboot (in elf format)
after it or linux kernel (in elf format as well).

of course different configurations are possible. for example I used to
place ALDO+BOCHS on hdd (with etherboot used to load it from hdd)

> ADLO support all chipset?

you must know how to setup shadow ram for your chipset.

other that that it should work with any chipset that is supported by

> 	Have some guide to teach how to merge ADLO with linuxbios?

well if you are familar with using linxubios it is just an incremental
step. you simply replace your usual ELF module with an ELF Module which as
(ADLO+BOCHS BIOS) inside of it.

still somewhat sticky steep right now is video bios. We still use binary
only module. So if there's something wrong with it, there's no easy way to
fix it :-(

Adam Sulmicki
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