What does one derive from lspci -x -x

Deepak Kotian dkotian3 at vsnl.net
Thu Apr 10 14:11:01 CEST 2003

Hi ,

    What does one derive from lspci -v -v  and lspci -x , lspci -x gives the
    hexdump, is this hexdump helpfull for me to use this data for the
    chipset which is not implement in linuxbios, if someone can share
    some more details on it, it would be great.

    Definitely, lspci gives out the chip information and one scan
    the linuxbios tree to see if the chipset is supported or not.
    But lspci -x is not very clear to me yet.

Thanks and Regards

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> The output of
> # lspci
> helps tell you which parts of the motherboard are already supported by
> LinuxBIOS.
> On 10 Apr 2003, Denis Pilon wrote:
> > What do I need to get started with linuxbios on a new motherboard ?
> >
> > I am trying to get linuxbios working on a Supermicro X5DPE-G2.
> >
> > But don't know where to start.
> >
> > Denis
> >
> >
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