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LinuxBIOS wouldn't have anything to do with the audio chip.  It leaves things 
like that up to the OS itself.  Find out which linux drivers work with it, 
alsa, oss or built into the kernel.  You should be able to search google for 
LM4550 and linux to find out what drivers are available.  If you are looking 
for the PnP setup, that would be in the kernel source.  If you are using 
linux as the OS, you could very well skip all that yourself and let linux 
handle it.


On Thursday 10 April 2003 01:39, Devi Priya wrote:
> Hello,
>      I have been assigned the job of writing BIOS. My device is based upon
> SC1200 chip(National) and it has external devices like ethernet, Audio
> codec LM4550. My device has linux OS.I need a driver for my LM4550. So I
> need to know where I shall get this driver either the source or an exe?
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