[ANNOUNCE] linuxbios utilities.

klos klos1980 at sina.com
Wed Apr 9 20:58:00 CEST 2003

Hi eric,
	I find cmos_util can change the value in option_table that was
loaded with irq_table together, am I right?
	but I cannot find the place to use the option_table, how we
control the fallback or normal image? Or cmos_util change the cmos value

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Alexander Amelkin <spirit at reactor.ru> writes:

> Hello Eric,
> Wednesday, April 9, 2003, 11:34:26 PM, you wrote:
> EWB> cmos_util which changes the few LinuxBIOS settings from Linux.
> Do we really use the CMOS already? What do we store there?

There are several other people who could have answered and 
this is a question of general interest so back to the list, with this.

I am frequently very busy so I do not appreciate LinuxBIOS mail
directed exclusively at me.

Yes.  For normal vs fallback.  For serial port baud rates,
for the boot order that etherboot should use.

Check out the appropriate cmos.layout files.


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