Is linuxbios GPL ?

Antony Stone Antony at
Mon Sep 30 08:27:00 CEST 2002

On Monday 30 September 2002 1:08 pm, Christopher Bergeron wrote:

> Is the linuxbios code GPL?

Yes.   It says so in the file COPYING distributed with the source code.

Also see

> Does the GPL allow for inclusion into other operating systems?

Yes, but only under the condition that any code which results is also freely 
released under the GPL.

The GPL is quite clear about this really:

1. Commercial organisations *can* take Open Source Software, build it into 
products, and sell them for money.

2. Anyone who makes changes to GPL code and distributes the result (ie it's 
not for purely private use) *must* make the modified source available under 
the terms of the GPL (ie anyone else can take it and do what they want with 

3. It is allowed to take GPL code, build separate proprietary software which 
is *not* based upon the code, and is *not* derived from it, and distribute 
the two together without making the proprietary source available.   However 
in this case you have to be very careful that the two really are separate, 
and that it cannot be said that the proprietary part is based on the GPL part.

4. There is a modified version of the GPL for library files to allow people 
to create proprietary Closed Source code which links to Open Source 
libraries, however the specific libraries must be realeased upon this version 
(called the LGPL) for this to apply.

However, all that said, I'm not aware of any instance where the GPL has been 
tested in court (or even "out of court" as they say) against a company 
accused of taking GPL code and developing closed source products from it.

If M$ is not bothered about defying the US Government, it's hard to think of 
anyone they are bothered about.....



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