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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Steve? How so? How did you physically connect the CF card to your IDE bus? I
know a number of adapters exist to enable that feature, and I know that the
2.4 series contains the MTD (Memory Technology Drivers) functions directly,
but after that, I'm lost.
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> >> So DoC _IS_ faster than IDE?  If this is the case, why should it be
> >> that mounting it with /dev/hda1 as root would make for a faster boot?
> >> By my logic, I would think that having /boot and /root on a DoC would
> >> make it faster.
> >>
> >DoC _IS_NOT_ faster than IDE. IDE HD has the problem it need to spin up
> >before taking any command while DoC does not. This spin up time delays
> >you booting speed. On the other hand, once spun up IDE HD is much faster
> >than DoC.
> >Ollie
> I've been loading the Linux kernel from CompactFlash (CF) (raw image) in
> /dev/hdc1, and then mount the root disk in /dev/hda1, and this is pretty
> fast.  I shortened the delays in the IDE routine since the CF doesn't need
> spin up time.  We really need an "intelligent" routine to find when an IDE
> device is ready rather than a pure time delay.
> -Steve
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