reboot fails-- 630e or C3?

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Tue Sep 24 18:25:01 CEST 2002

> > I'm curious, though, do you think the watchdog timer reset is
> better, ie,
> > less likely to have race conditions, than my simple bit setting
> of b6,7 in
> > the INIT Enable Register (Hardware Reset Initiated by Software)
> at reg 0x46
> > in LPC Bridge?  By the name it seems this is what it is for.
> >
> What kind of race condition are you afraid of ??
> I don't have much idea about the difference between these two methods.
> AFIAK, there are various kind of "Reset" or "INIT" form HW point of
> view. Reset by LPC bridge only reset CPU. You have to use ACPI WDT to
> reset the "whole" system.

I had no specific problem in mind, just speculating as to why it might be
better to use the WDT.  And you answered my question, that the WDT reset is
more complete.

But in fact, I put a scope on it, the Hardware Reset Initiated by Software
also activates RESET# on PCI bus (~10-15ms, A15), so it appears that both
PCIRST# and CPURST# are activated.


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