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Angelo Arifi angelo-arifi at
Tue Sep 24 16:46:01 CEST 2002

Ok.. i see no one is interested in my motherboard, 82850 (Asus P4-TE)... hence RDRAM... so... i am wondering... I used a program called AwardMOD it seperated the bios into several files, its a start? What next should i do.. i mean what kind of information should be required and what am i presented with in LinuxBIOS, what should be reverse engineered or saught for to help my mobo have a taste of LinuxBIOS? ... ya... i really wana cope with this but can't afford another mobo even if its under 50 bux in my current state... ya sounds cheap but its true and ya computers make me a bit emotionally happy (my little hobby if u will... hmm ya...)

Angelo "Gigatron" Arifi
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