Reference list of "known good boards"

Antony Stone Antony at
Mon Sep 23 03:38:01 CEST 2002

On Monday 23 September 2002 4:20 am, Ronald G Minnich wrote:

> I agree with the comments on the difficulty of getting this stuff up --
> it's not for your average user.
> Long term, the goal is that motherboard vendors just deliver boards with a
> working linuxbios. SiS pioneered this over a year ago. does
> the same thing. Linux NetworX is delivering a ca. 1000-node cluster to
> LLNL, and LinuxLabs has been delivering linuxbios-based boxes for some
> time now.
> We have two more vendors "in process"  so hopefully some day linuxbios
> becomes a check box on an order from.

That's a great objective, but clearly it will take time to get there, and 
even when we've achieved it I think it remains in the spirit of an Open 
Source Software project to keep as good a set of instructions as we can on 
the website for people to be able to Do It Themselves, either because they 
want to, or because they want to try it on some new piece of hardware and 
need all the help they can get understanding how it's supposed to work on 
something functional before embarking on something which they expect to 
presentthem with  challenges.



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