Reference list of "known good boards"

Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at
Sun Sep 22 21:33:00 CEST 2002

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Something strange poked me, while I was reading the exchange concerning
Steve's problems with his board, and the MAC address, and CMOS settings.
I can't speak to that problem, nor advise a possible solution for it,
but here’s a general one. Can a list be drawn up of so called, "known
good boards"? This reference list, to consist of chipsets, and board
manufacturers, and a comment or two, from the person who created the
port. That comment to mention if the board's IDE port worked, with the
targeted disk drive. Also what else was needed to make the whole
business work for him, with each board setup.
Basically I want to prevent the problems that Steve is having with his
onboard Ethernet controller. It would also make things easier for those
of us who are considering getting to this idea, on a deeper business
then just building the code on a specific platform that is not the
target, as I've done, several times over. Everyone, if I am asking the
impossible here, then I extend an apology, but I mean well.
Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at
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