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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Actually, yes it was posted to the list, and I did read it. You do
understand the theme behind this mail list, don't you? It concerns
itself with the idea that the legacy bios on a machine can be replaced
with something that will boot straight into Linux, even faster then the
legacy bios, it replaced. (And that's my opinion only, Ron.) If I
remember correctly there are a few SiS based boards out there, which
have an alternate form of video output, which is composite video based,
but I don't remember which ones. Can you repost your message, but in
simpler terms? I think everyone else missed it, because of its original
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> Hi, I've sent this mail september 14th, but I didn't see it on the
> mailing list.... I try to re-send it, thank you
> Hi. I would like to buy a motherboard for a VDR system:
> This software uses DVB cards to receive digital television and
> transforms your PC in a powerful videorecorder - dvd player - divx mp3
> etc etc etc
> As you can imagine, a very fast boot would be very appreciate, making
> possible to completely replace a standalone digital receiver.
> I watched around and I found a shop selling PC-CHIPS motherboards. I
> need an AGP slot, and two or more PCI slots for DVB-cards, plus
> etc. I have a bit of fear the 815 is very limited in expansion,
> the 830 is better for me. Do you have any advice about motherboards? I
> also found a page
> ( where
> are the pc-chips equivalents; nowadays I can very easily find ECS
> products which are the very same of pcchips 830 etc.
> I've read archive mailing list and all but I still need some more
> informations. Will I be able to directly boot my own linux kernel,
> IDE, XFS etc support? I need a hard-disk anyway, to record movies and
> load vdr software, etc.
> bye and thank you!
> as
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