port into x86 HOWTO ?

Karthik Bala Guru tkarthikbalaguru at yahoo.co.in
Sun Sep 22 10:47:01 CEST 2002


Actually i am trying to port rtlinux into a x86 board . that board has our own BIOS . the BIOS 

supports only upto 200 KB memory .  I have RTlinux ported into a floppy to around 500 KB. 

I am ready to port into that X86 board , but our BIOS's drawback makes me to wait till the

BIOS is made to support upto atleast 800 KB. and this is about to consume many weeks.


I came across LINUXBIOS ..... Will this able to replace the BIOS problem that i have with porting

into the X86 baord ??  How to start with ??? Some clear steps plz ..... ?????  Do i require a 

MONITOR prg ?   Is it possible to port my minimised RTlinux into the X86 board with the use of

linuxbios ?????     

Help me out !

karthik bala guru



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