sis630 mac address

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Sun Sep 22 02:10:01 CEST 2002

My pcchips m787cl+ with the sis630e chipset started reporting a 00:00..00
mac address.  It was working at first, but somewhere in the process of
debugging I started getting all zeros.

I looked thorough the linuxbios and the sis900.c driver, and I think
everything is being setup correctly.  I even wrote a small program to read
the eeprom directly (rather than the APC cmos), following the code in the
sis driver, and I always read zeroes.  I cannot ever seem to get a 1 on DO
(b1 of IO reg 0x2008).

I put the orig bios back in and booted Linux and same result, so I am pretty
sure the eeprom got erased (or is dead).

Anybody (ollie?) know if there is a way to re-write the eeprom?  The
ifconfig command will set the mac to any value but it doesn't last through
reboots, and I did not see any code in the driver that appears to write to
the eeprom.

The bios that came with the board does not seem to have a way to set it

BTW, I have the text mode vga going on this mobo if anyone is interested in
the code.  I was able to use my stpc vga code with only a few changes.


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