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Angelo Arifi angelo-arifi at
Sat Sep 21 15:34:00 CEST 2002

Can I flash my BIOS? I was looking for a BIOS replacment since my default BIOS plain sux, compare to some other bioses, anywho, so i stumbled across the beowulf project got me interested since I do alot of 3d rendering and heard of clustering before. Then I stumbled across of LinuxBios and my 'childhood dream' was true, booting directly not having a shitty old ancient 8bit looky BIOS. Erm, so ya I read a little bit here and there. And it would seem on the status page that my motherboard is NOT supported :/ I have currently a Linux/windows dual, not sure how that would all work i have yet to read lots but is my motherboard the Asus P4-TE supported?
Angelo "Gigatron" Arifi
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