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ollie lho <ollie at> writes:

> On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 07:38, Eric W Biederman wrote:
> > interesting problem, and hasn't been fully solved yet.  Currently I
> > connect the serial port to a box with a lot of serial ports, and
> > that box is network accessible.
> > 
> 	Do you know if there is an KVM switch equivalent for serial
> port ?? How do you monitor multiple LinuxBIOS boxes except using many
> minicom ??

You get a terminal server such as a Cyclades:

The nice thing about a serial port is that it is realistic to always
log everything even from a large amount of machines.  So it's quite
possible to build a central monitoring application that automatically
records oopses that appear on an serial console and forward them to
the system administrator, and with the logs the system administrator
could see what actions led up to the oops.

> How do you connect these 350 nodes "physically" to you console ?? Do you
> need many consoles or is there any think like "hub" the LAN ??

With 32-port terminal servers thats just a dozen of them.


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