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I am in the process of porting the Linux BIOS code for my system.

The Specification of my system is as follow:
Main board: Intel vc15.
SuperIO : SMSC LPC47M192
Northbridge: Intel 845 MCH (DDR support)
Southbridge: Intel 82801BA (ICH2)

I have added source code to support the above mentioned component as per
the specification of corresponding component. I have built the Linux
BIOS image also.
I need to test the code.

Before that I want to know, whether I need to apply any patches to the
Linux kernel. I am using 2.4.18 version of Linux kernel. I am planning
to boot the kernel from IDE disk.

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oops, missed this message and sent a reply to a reply!

On 16 Sep 2002, Eric W Biederman wrote:

> NIC hardware is noticeably more complex than serial ports so getting
> a network console going from power on is still an open issue.  I don't
> know that it has been tested much yet.

we're going to try this using myrinet hardware. I.e. a very simple
program on the NIC that will give us "serial port" in linuxbios for the
very early startup.


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