Need help with LinuxBIOS speech

Christer Weinigel christer at
Mon Sep 16 18:39:00 CEST 2002

Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at> writes:

> I like the slides a lot.
> can we put them on our web site at some point?

Yes, of course.  I think I'd like to put a little advertisment for my
consulting business on each side (just my mail address and a link to
my web page).  

I have actually written most of the presentation in a more verbose
format, so I think that could be a better thing to put on the web.
I'll try to clean this up a bit and post a link to it.

The presentation went rather well I think, I managed to stay within
the allocated time and think I managed to talk about most things that
I wanted to.  But the presentation was a bit of a disappointment, only
five people showed up, a casualty of this being a rather specialized
conference (Real time and Embedded Computing Conference) and that I
had the absolutely last slot of the day when most people had already
left; most other presentations seemed to have about 10 attendants.

I did get a presentation out of it though and it sounds as if I might
do a presentation at a couple of academic computer societies for
friends so this could be rather fun.


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