motherboard for vdr system

Alessio Sangalli alesan at
Sat Sep 14 10:07:00 CEST 2002

Hi. I would like to buy a motherboard for a VDR system:

This software uses DVB cards to receive digital television and 
transforms your PC in a powerful videorecorder - dvd player - divx mp3 
etc etc etc

As you can imagine, a very fast boot would be very appreciate, making it 
possible to completely replace a standalone digital receiver.

I watched around and I found a shop selling PC-CHIPS motherboards. I 
need an AGP slot, and two or more PCI slots for DVB-cards, plus ethernet 
etc. I have a bit of fear the 815 is very limited in expansion, perhaps 
the 830 is better for me. Do you have any advice about motherboards?

I've read archive mailing list and all but I still need some more 
informations. Will I be able to directly boot my own linux kernel, with 
IDE, XFS etc support? I need a hard-disk anyway, to record movies and 
load vdr software, etc.

bye and thank you!

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