Need help with LinuxBIOS speech

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Even  I am planning to give a speech on LinuxBIOS.
I found that some of the recent mail on this thread is useful for my
Also when I was reading the HOWTO documents, I found that we need to
burn Linux Kernel image along with the linuxbios image on DOC chip. If
that is the case, Is there is any way to support for other Operating
system (or) other flavor of unix system to use LinuxBIOS? What are the
standard interface / Supports  we expect from those operating system?



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On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 16:01, Christer Weinigel wrote:
> Cons:
>     Not as flexible as a normal BIOS.

I know what you mean ;-), but I don't think this is quite the right
thing to say... as a key point of LinuxBIOS is its flexibility...

... If you want to be able to boot without a VGA card..
... If you want to be able to preserve kernel state information over
reboots etc.

....LinuxBIOS is flexible from the developer's standpoint...

However, LinuxBIOS is immature - it doesn't support as much
hardware/boot devices as a "traditional" BIOS. So, given an inflexible
feature set (boot typically from any local device via a local VGA
screen/keyboard to run your mainstream desktop operating system) a
traditional BIOS is quite flexible about what hardware you can boot from
and what motherboards it supports....

..Anyway, I think linuxBIOS is "flexible" compared with a traditional
BIOS, but has, currently, less support for the available hardware i.e

Hope that helps!


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