Need help with LinuxBIOS speech

Ian Castle ian.castle at
Wed Sep 11 00:52:00 CEST 2002

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 16:01, Christer Weinigel wrote:
> Cons:
>     Not as flexible as a normal BIOS.

I know what you mean ;-), but I don't think this is quite the right
thing to say... as a key point of LinuxBIOS is its flexibility...

... If you want to be able to boot without a VGA card..
... If you want to be able to preserve kernel state information over
reboots etc.

....LinuxBIOS is flexible from the developer's standpoint...

However, LinuxBIOS is immature - it doesn't support as much
hardware/boot devices as a "traditional" BIOS. So, given an inflexible
feature set (boot typically from any local device via a local VGA
screen/keyboard to run your mainstream desktop operating system) a
traditional BIOS is quite flexible about what hardware you can boot from
and what motherboards it supports....

..Anyway, I think linuxBIOS is "flexible" compared with a traditional
BIOS, but has, currently, less support for the available hardware i.e

Hope that helps!


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