The DoC problem

Jan Kok kok at
Tue Sep 10 13:19:00 CEST 2002

Hamish, what would you use for a plug to plug into the BIOS socket?  I
searched all over the place for a plug (or PLCC to DIP adapter for DoC) and
didn't find anything useful for less than about $60 small quantity -- except
for the Bios Savior device (about $30 from

- Jan

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> I think the DoC mess is here to stay, there is one potential solution if
> people are insisting on having DoC, and that is to make up a little board
> which plugs into a BIOS socket which has both a 256k flash device and a
> little bit of decode logic for a DoC, as well as a DoC - if anyone is
> interested in this approach, I could knock together a few prototypes for a
> couple of $'s, but I have my reservations as to this being a permanent
> long-term solution for production systems.
> Hamish

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