Any UK DiskOnChip Retailers?

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Tue Sep 10 00:36:00 CEST 2002

> The easy solution is putting the whole image in /dev/hda1 thought it
> is theoretically possible to put the image on a filesystem and just
> setup an ELF header at the start of the disk that points to it.
> Etherboot also supports booting this way.  And it will allow you to
> multiplex between a hard drive and the network.  So it is definitely a
> good direction to look at.

The raw image is most appealing to me rather than a filesystem.  It's simple
and easy.  I don't know much about ELF headers.

My systems can only boot from the hdd, the network is not always in use.  I
was under the impression Etherboot was for only for networks.  I assume
Etherboot within Linuxbios is the option USE_TFTP.  How does the disk/net
multiplex work? I am not familiar with that.


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