The DoC problem

Preston L. Bannister preston.bannister at
Mon Sep 9 18:16:01 CEST 2002

Maybe there is another answer.

Clearly a big-enough flash EEPROM is the optimal solution.  Someone
mentioned motherboard manufacturers who asked about LinuxBIOS.  If a
manufacturer runs an extra address line through to the flash socket, there'd
be a board to sell and promote as *especially* suited for use with

Come to think of it - you might be able to help things along.

I'd suggest that you prominently place on the front page of the LinuxBIOS
web site a list of those motherboards well-suited for use with LinuxBIOS.
That would be the list of motherboards that support 512Kbyte flash or
bigger, and for which a LinuxBIOS port exists (a short list?).  (Also put up
dates to show what's recent).

Place underneath this a contact address so a motherboard manufacturer knows
exactly who to contact when they have something to add to the list.

Place on another page all the other motherboards (as now).

Maybe we can generate a bit of competitive pressure :).

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On 9 Sep 2002, ollie lho wrote:

> Actually this is very easy, The DoC requires only 8kB address window, if
> we use a 128KB flash EEPROM for LinuxBIOS, we still have the MSB address
> line free to acts as Chip Select. I believe this have been done by
> someone in Austria (sorry, I forgot the name) before. On the other
> hand, we lost the beauty of "only one flash needed".

The question is: is this a product we can purchase and does it cost less
than the motherboard?

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