Any UK DiskOnChip Retailers?

Hamish Guthrie (Mail Lists) hamishl at
Mon Sep 9 06:26:00 CEST 2002

Just having had a look at one of the BIOS flash vendors - there are now
devices up to 8Mbit available for both firmware hub and LPC - one vendor in
particular has an 8Mbit flash device which attaches directly to LPC.

I have not looked to see which chipset vendors are supporting firmware hub,
but according to a bit of documentation I saw, this is aimed at the i8xx
chipsets, but it appears as though there is still the 8Mbit barrier.

I guess this all depends upon the application - is the application a purely
embedded solution with only flash being used, or is it a case of being able
to fit a kernel into the BIOS chip - for the latter case, I guess 8Mbit
would be adequate.


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> > Dear all,
> >             Thanks for the great advice, I really appreciate it.
> > Is it possible to fit an EEPROM with a greater capacity than
> the current
> > 2MB one?
> >
> For current architecture, 4M bits is the limit. I have no idea about
> how Firmware HUB does.
> > Also, on an unrelated issue, I noticed that when I moved from Linux
> > kernel 2.2.19 (c/o Debian Potato) to Linux kernel 2.4.18 (c/o Debian
> > Woody) the Penguin logo on the framebuffer device at startup no longer
> > has a pint of bitter statically linked to it's arm :D. Any Ideas why?
> >
> The Penguin Logo does changed from 2.2.x to 2.4.x.
> Ollie
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