The DoC problem

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Mon Sep 9 06:04:01 CEST 2002

I think the DoC mess is here to stay, there is one potential solution if
people are insisting on having DoC, and that is to make up a little board
which plugs into a BIOS socket which has both a 256k flash device and a
little bit of decode logic for a DoC, as well as a DoC - if anyone is
interested in this approach, I could knock together a few prototypes for a
couple of $'s, but I have my reservations as to this being a permanent
long-term solution for production systems.


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> Anybody have a good idea in the long term about how to solve the DoC mess.
> I really like this sis730 mainboard with DoC. It's neat to come up in
> busybox and have all the power of linux available even if the disk is not
> yet loaded with linux. But that won't work with 735 due to more complex
> chipset setup. So we have to use FLASH. Then we can't have the nice
> startup with the kernel etc. that we get with DoC.
> We need big flash. But we can't just put big flash in the IDE slot -- then
> we can't have a disk drive!
> Are we really stuck with 256K forever? is there some plugin that gives us
> ron
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