The DoC problem

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Mon Sep 9 00:24:00 CEST 2002

> Well, you can still have one, right?  A DoM would only be either master or
> slave on the IDE controller..

A CF with a CF->IDE converter (simple passive pcb) is a good way to go.
Cost is less than 1/2 of DOC.  I use them a lot.  No special code required

> > Are we really stuck with 256K forever? is there some plugin
> that gives us
> > FLASH AND a DoC?
> Unless chipsets add more address lines to the ROM bus over night, I think
> the solution will be a combination.  The standard flash and another thing.

The LPC bus maybe the trend, and is the best for large flash, IMHO.  The
TSOPs are really hard to handle, and forget about putting then in a socket.
And with LPC all sizes have the same # of pins.  A little slower than
conventional xbus, though.  I haven't seen any on off the shelf mobos, but
MS Xbox has the interface (unused).  Seems that most LPC parts are assuming
upper 4M (FFCx xxxx) as the ROM area.


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